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Egypt Western Desert ToursMarianella Ghitis .. Lima Peru

I highly recommend "Loly Egypt Desert Expeditions BC ", I had the best time ever. .Loly took us everywhere!! He surely knows his way around the desert!!!! I went with one friend and we felt safe everytime!! Even though Cairo was up side down, at the Bahariya Oasis and the White Desert everything was peace and quiet!!! It is 100% recommendable!


Egypt Western Desert ToursKaren ... Singapore

Loly really customized his tour to our wishes and left nothing out.
To keep us warm at night he had warm camel hair blankets with him.
Whenever we were hungry or thirsty Loly's cook could offer something. The Egyptian cuisine of the cook was all fresh cooked and really yummi.


Egypt Western Desert ToursSofia ... Greece

The 4x4 was fully equipped and all worked fine with the papers at every check point.
Furthermore, Loly and his cook cleaned up every place we have rested more than sufficient, he really cares about the environment.
All in all the days where just perfectly organized and fun!
I highly recommend Loly's tours!!


Egypt Western Desert ToursJang Wookyung .. South Korea

To explore for the first time Western Desert, it was an absolute privilege to get to know Loly. What a wonderful team of friendly and lovable persons! – With Loly we felt 100% at ease in every moment durng our 5 days tour and this in most capable hands of a proficent and knowledgeable Guide who really loves his Desert.


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